Hi everyone! I'm Luis Sevillano, an A Coruña based web developer.

I have spent most of my career in media, working on graphics, maps, and coding. For most part of my work, I have used the well-known javascript library d3.js, a tool for manipulating documents based on data as well as creating powerful visualizations for the web.

Some of these projects can be seen in the Gallery section of this portfolio: political and social analysis, Spanish, France and UK General Election graphics coverage, etc. All of them carefully adjusted to all kinds of devices.

My interest in maps began when I first found out and learn about all the d3.js features. As I was facing different challenges I discovered the possibilities and ability that GIS offers; from spatial analysis to satellite imagery.

During this time, I have become increasingly interested in maps. I have been self-teaching myself some basic knowledge, understanding that in the new era of cartography some CLI (command-line interface) applications, like gdal or TopoJSON, are essentials.

I've done some of these maps and charts using Photoshop, Gimp or Adobe Illustrator and Its plugin ai2html (developed by the New York Times). It allows you to export your artboards in a web format.

I like collaborating and contributing to open source projects and I'm always interested in participating in cool projects.

Feel free to contact me on: