A Year at iCarto

Apr 1, 2019

During the last year I have been working for iCarto as a full stack developer, an amazing startup based in A Coruña, Galicia.

As they say in their webpage, their team is rooted in the world of Computer Engineering and Civil Engineering, with specializations and experience in complementary areas like Water’s Engineering , Free Software or Development Cooperation.

I have been working several projects and always being responsible of the execution of each tasks from the beginning to its end, in projects for the management of resources on highways or projects related to water management for the government of Mozambique.

iCarto works fundamentally with open source tools and languages and most of the code they generate is also open source. You can take a look here https://gitlab.com/icarto.

During this year I have acquired new skills such as being methodical, able to organize your time (a must working remotely), be ordered in the achievement of tasks, of course a lot of Git or be able to deal with any type of documentation or library never used before.

In summary, it has been a very good experience and I will always be grateful to iCarto for giving me this opportunity.

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