QGIS for journalists

Mar 1, 2016

Last march I had the chance to participate in the 2016-2017 master in data driven journalism at Villanueva University. The idea was to teach basic concepts and ideas about GIS maps and journalism.

First day was a four hour workshop about how to make a static choropleth map using QGIS. The attendees would be able to make a population density map of Spain. To change coordinates system of a shapefile, merge shapefiles, create new fields on the Attribute Table, make a spatial join, apply a right color ramp, use the print composer, etc.

I toke the decision to make it all open source and share it on GitHub, so here is the repo (spanish).

For the rest of the course I prefered to use GitHub's gist to share the steps and examples of each workshops. All the gist has its own exercises. Here are the more relevant days:

  • QGIS Basic features: layer properties panel, rule-based styles, etc. Link
  • Vector analysis: intersect, merge, clip, dissolve, buffers, etc. Link
  • Working with rasters, reading from csv, heatmaps, etc. Link